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Bitcoin has been exploding all over the news in recent months and adoption is becoming more common. It is still very early days but there are advice platforms teaching how to buy bitcoin as well as tonnes of helpful guides and ideas being posted all over the internet. With this huge increase in the industry we’ve established a conference to chat about all things crypto and how it integrates into the 3D graphics industry.

The conference in question is a big event that addresses the importance of blockchains in the development of 3D graphics as well as their role in cryptocurrency mining.

The primary subject of the conference is the usage of blockchain for the production and display of 3D graphics. This subject explores the possibility to improve the web-based 3D graphics through the use of blockchains.

Network blockchain


We analyze newly created 3D graphic designs and determine their weaknesses. The creation of the same is also something we do as we want to play a role in the development of this technology.


Exploring cryptocurrencies and their potential is another thing we are focusing on. New virtual currencies pop-up now and then and thus we take a look at them to see whether they are worth the investment or not.


The research of blockchains is a service we provide to anyone interested in it. Those interested in new ways to use blockchains can approach us and issue research on whether it can be used for their goal or not.


If you want to purchase 3D graphics, then you can contact us as we sell them. We create 3D designs and sell them to all those interested in them.


People who are good at web-based 3D graphics design can apply to us to become creators.

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