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Hey there, Sinead here, founder of Crypto Exchanges Australia.

Back in 2018, I became obsessed with crypto but couldn’t find any website that did a great job of covering the topic. And that sparked the idea of launching Crypto Exchanges Australia with the primary and initial goal of simplifying crypto for people around the globe, and more specifically in Australia where I came from.

Today, we’ve expanded globally and helping thousands of crypto traders and investors every month in their journey.


Crypto Exchanges Australia was established in 2018 and consists of veterans and experts in the crypto industry.

The company has been around the block many times, dabbling in just around every area of the crypto space that you can imagine.

The team behind CryptoExchangesAustralia.com has been involved in cryptocurrency since its early days.

So, yes. We’ve got the knowledge and experience to help you with your crypto goals.

Whether you’re looking to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from the best crypto exchanges and ‘hodl’ it safely, or you want to get into something more advanced like decentralized finance (DeFi), we’ve got comprehensive guides to help you out!

Our Mission

CryptoExchangesAustralia.com’s mission is to make the crypto space more accessible and less scary to absolutely everyone, especially beginners.

All our crypto reviews are genuine, in-depth, and updated to ensure you’re in the right track.

CryptoExchangesAustralia.com is here to empower you on your crypto journey, providing you with knowledge and skills to help you become successful.

A Word of Advice

Bitcoin and other crypto assets are becoming more mainstream, but at the same time, misinformation is also widespread, especially in this age of social media.

That’s why it is crucial that you get your crypto resources and information from only the most trustworthy and reliable sources.

And that’s what CryptoExchangesAustralia.com is here to do – to be your genuine and unbiased source of wisdom and knowledge.

At CryptoExchangesAustralia.com, we want to impart our knowledge and experience unto you.

We produce our guides and reviews by getting to the point and breaking everything down into easy to understand and simple snippets.

Let’s explore the world of blockchain, crypto, and DeFi together.

Whether you want to know more about crypto exchanges, wallets, NFTs, DeFi, or how to make crypto transactions, we’re here to guide you!

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s dive right in into the detailed reviews and guides from CryptoExchangesAustralia.com!

Our Methodology: How We Review, Test, and Rate Crypto Exchanges

To review exhanges fairly, we rated each one in the following categories:

  • Security
  • Fees
  • Features
  • Offerings
  • Availability

We rate crypto exchange platforms on different criteria within each category – whether they utilize cold storage to safeguard funds or not, how much they charge on crypto transactions, the number of cryptocurrencies and digital assets they support, and more. Every criterion was weighted based on the importance for the platform users. Finally, we gave each exchange an overall rating from 0 to 5.

If you wanna learn more about our methodology, tap here.

Our Acquisitions

Meet the Team

Sinead Burgess

Founder/Lead Editor
Hiiiii there! 🙂 As you already know, I founded CryptoExchangesAustralia.com because I want to simplify crypto for people around the globe, especially for my fellow Aussies. Since CryptoExchangesAustralia.com started out, we've grown immensely and today, we're able to help thousands of crypto-passionate individuals every month. Sometimes I give public talks about Bitcoin and crypto, and the overall new digital economy, so stay tuned! Enough of me and meet my lovely team below!

Mrugakshee Sanchez

General Manager
Mrugakshee Sanchez is a prestigious award-winning editor and writer who is in her native Pacific Northwest. Her first job was in traditional news media , but she moved to digital media in the early 2000s as well as writing extensively on the popularity of online poker as well as the rise of cryptocurrency.

Julia Meyer

Senior Editor
Julia Meyer is a cryptocurrency professional and consultant. She saw the opportunities for cryptocurrency in the early stages of her career and has invested in it since. Meyer is living completely from cryptocurrency since the beginning of the year 2019.

Ava Wagner

Senior Editor
Ava Wagner is a cryptocurrency investor and consultant. Her expertise in knowledge transfer lets her curate data in an extremely accessible manner. In addition, Wagner consults with businesses as well as individuals about strategic investing in cryptocurrency.

Sarah Kashyap

Sarah was introduced to cryptocurrency by fellow CryptoExchangesAustralia contributor Ava Wagner in 2017 and was immediately intrigued by the use cases of many Ethereum-based cryptos. She purchased her first hardware wallet shortly after. She has a strong and personal desire to invest in cryptos that involve the use of decentralized backend exchanges, payment processing and power-sharing.

Tamara Ramos

Senior Writer
Tamara Ramos focuses her research and writing on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. She is fascinated by the technical aspects that allow these technologies to continue to develop without the need of an authority central to them. Tamara also loves helping people learn about Bitcoin which led her to contribute to CryptoExchangesAustralia.com.

Mia Huber

Senior Writer
Mia Huber graduated from The Peoples' Friendship University in Russia in the year 2000 with an Associate of Arts in Journalism. For the last three years, she's been reporting on news, writing informative and educational blog posts and writing about cryptonians. Mia's aim is to assist readers discover what they require and then understand what they find and apply what they learn correctly.

Andrin Gil

Andrin Gil is a Bitcoin investor Bitcoin since the year 2015. He has developed an acute awareness of where the industry is headed and is continuing to studies into blockchain-related applications. His main interests are in startups, private capital as well as financial technology.

Anthony David

Tech Advisor
Anthony David. does research in computational biology and bioinformatics. He is a huge fan of systems thinking as well as interdisciplinary research with a variety of science-related issues as well as philosophy, innovation and technology. His interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is driven by these passions.

Anthony David

Crypto Analyst
Damien Jansen is a Vancouver-based freelance writer and social media expert who is passionate about everything crypto and blockchain technology. When he's not immersed in the cryptocurrency community online, Damien loves to explore the urban landscape and breathtaking outdoor landscapes that are found in British Columbia, Canada. He bikes, hikes or climbs, snaps photos and shares all of it with his family.

Ahmed Agarwal

Crypto Analyst
Ahmed has been involved in cryptocurrency since. He has a long-standing blog writing for news publications along with cryptocurrency-related websites. Ahmed is in charge of many of the product reviews and beginner tutorials here at CryptoExchangesAustralia.

Our Headquarters

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” — Chris Grosser